We create a ‘quantum-ready’ society

IQST aims to be a point of contact for all stake­hold­ers inter­ested in quantum science techno­logy and in the unique oppor­tun­it­ies it offers.

IQST actively supports techno­logy trans­fer and collab­or­at­ive research projects with external academic and industry partners, with the goal of serving as a nucleus and catalyst for the emerging quantum-technology ecosys­tem and of ensur­ing that a compre­hens­ively trained workforce is avail­able when in demand.

The outreach and train­ing areas we address in IQST are:

Commu­nic­a­tion and Outreach

  • Expert advice to policy makers on quantum science and techno­logy
  • Coordin­a­tion of academic activ­it­ies in Baden-Württemberg
  • Public outreach towards stake­hold­ers and society
  • Create inter­na­tional links and collab­or­a­tion programs with leading world­wide quantum centres

Train­ing the quantum workforce

  • Train skilled person­nel and teach­ers through dedic­ated Master of Science (MSc) programmes in quantum techno­logy and quantum photonic engin­eer­ing
  • Attract outstand­ing inter­na­tional students and research­ers
  • Promote cooper­a­tion and estab­lish an exchange program with inter­na­tional partners as well as industry

Innov­a­tion and techno­logy transfer

  • Uncover poten­tial of quantum techno­lo­gies in new fields of indus­trial research
  • Estab­lish new partner­ships and networks spanning academia, research insti­tu­tions and industry
  • Facil­it­ate start-ups and promote entre­pren­eur­ship, and provide coordin­a­tion in Baden-Württemberg