We quantum.

At IQST, we advance the under­stand­ing of nature and develop innov­a­tive technolo­gies from funda­men­tal quantum physics. We do this by stimu­lat­ing, expand­ing and support­ing syner­gies between physi­cists, chemists, engineers, and life scien­tists at the Univer­sity of Stuttgart, Ulm Univer­sity and the Max Planck Insti­tute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart.

We quantum.

At IQST, an award-winning team of scien­tists pursues inter­dis­ci­pli­nary cutting-edge research, from funda­men­tal princi­ples to techno­log­i­cal appli­ca­tions. Explore our research:
We offer a broad range of educa­tion programs and activ­i­ties for top young researchers and students. Join us.
As a world­wide leading compe­tence center in the emerg­ing field of quantum technolo­gies, IQST drives the devel­op­ment of new innov­a­tive technol­ogy for society. Let us support you.
We provide expert advice to stake­hold­ers in acade­mia, politics and educa­tion, and reach out directly to the wider public. Dive with us into the quantum world. 
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About IQST

IQST is currently funded by the Carl Zeiss Founda­tion, Ulm Univer­sity and the Univer­sity of Stuttgart. It is a member of the Quantum Alliance, a consor­tium of German Clusters of Excel­lence and research centres working in quantum science and technology.

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