Virtual-Reality lab-tour shooting

Visit Quantum Effects and take a virtual tour of our labs

Over August we filmed in the labs of Stefanie Barz, Sebas­t­ian Loth and Sungkun Hong at the Univer­sity of Stuttgart, Fedor Jelezko at Ulm Univer­sity, and Apara­jita Singha at the Max-Planck Insti­tute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany. The labs were scanned every 1.5 metres using a camera that rotates 360° and takes 60 images per rotation. Now, when visitors put on their VR goggles, they can navigate almost seamlessly through the labs.

Curious? Come and see us at Quantum Effects. And for those who cannot make it, the tour will later be avail­able on our website,