IQST takes part in Quantum Effects exhibition

Save the date (and get your ticket) – Quantum Effects exhib­i­tion and confer­ence for quantum techno­lo­gies, Stutt­gart, 10–11 October 2023

In three weeks, Quantum Effects will take place in Stutt­gart, Germany. The trade fair and confer­ence promotes application-oriented quantum techno­lo­gies. Its vision is to contrib­ute to the design and devel­op­ment of a compre­hens­ive European ecosys­tem for quantum techno­lo­gies in close cooper­a­tion with industry, science, polit­ics and the relev­ant networks and investors.

Natur­ally, the IQST — Center for Integ­rated Quantum Science and Techno­logy will be part of the event as well. One of the attrac­tions will be various hands-on exper­i­ments. These will provide an oppor­tun­ity to explore key concepts of quantum physics and quantum integ­ra­tion, and their applic­a­tions in quantum sensors and quantum computers, as well as to gain insight into how we plan to promote a ‘quantum-ready society’ through outreach and commu­nic­a­tion, train­ing of the quantum workforce, and promo­tion of innov­a­tion and techno­logy transfer.