New call: IQST gradu­ate programme funded by QuantumBW

IQST is happy to announce a new gradu­ate programme funded through QuantumBW. 
The new gradu­ate programme will offer educa­tion and train­ing, network­ing events, and IP/start-up consult­ing and is open to all early-career research­ers in quantum science and techno­logy in Baden-Württemberg. The programme will be start­ing in October. 

In addition, we are welcom­ing applic­a­tions for 10 PhD projects that are funded through the programme. The focus of these positions is on closing the gap between basic research and techno­logy devel­op­ment, i.e. projects with high techno­lo­gical poten­tial which are still at an early stage. 

You are very welcome to apply for a PhD project as a tandem of an academic and an indus­trial partner. The academic super­vi­sion by a professor from a univer­sity in Baden-Württemberg is comple­men­ted by mentor from a local company. 

More inform­a­tion can be found by click­ing on the links below. For further questions, please contact us at

Call: Gradu­ate School