So much new on IQST Day 2023

16 February 2023 @ Ulm

Today, the IQST Day 2023 took place at Ulm Univer­sity. Follow­ing two years of confine­ment to mostly online meetings, the IQST commu­nity visibly enjoyed this in-person event with plenty of oppor­tu­nity for personal inter­ac­tion and exchange.

The format was not the only novelty. Since May 2022, we have a new execu­tive board, presided over by Stefanie Barz (Univer­sity of Stuttgart) and Fedor Jelezko (Ulm Univer­sity). Build­ing on the outstand­ing founda­tion laid since 2014, the IQST ventures now into its second decade. For that contin­ued journey it presents itself in a fully updated appear­ance, with a fresh new logo, a redesigned website, and new merchandise.

Unchanged, however remains the passion and dedica­tion to ‘every­thing quantum’. This was on full display in the various talks, cover­ing a tremen­dous spectrum, as well as during the vibrant poster session and at the network­ing with beer and bretzel.

Photos: Ulm Univer­sity / Elvira Eberhardt

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