Distinguished guests explore quantum highlights

14 February 2023 @ Stuttgart

Today, the Minis­ter Presi­dent of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, and Minis­ter of Science Petra Olschowski visited the Univer­sity of Stuttgart. During their two-hour tour, they were presented various highlights in quantum research and aero-space engineering.

IQST researchers guided through the parts concern­ing quantum science and technol­ogy. Direc­tor Prof. Stefanie Barz, Fellows Prof. Jens Anders and Prof. Hans Peter Büchler, and Early Career Researcher Dr. Florian Meinert provided a broad overview of the activ­i­ties — from basic research to the develop­ment of new innov­a­tive technol­ogy, such as quantum proces­sors based on photonic chips and quantum sensors.

Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the Univer­sity of Stuttgart praised the role of support from the state, mention­ing also IQST: “We conduct excel­lent socially relevant research […]. We are glad that the state of Baden-Württemberg supports this, for example through the Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technol­ogy IQST.“

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