Successful visit of Wolfgang Schleich as Sackler Lecturer at Tel-Aviv University

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schleich, Executive Board member of our center for IQST, had been invited as Sackler Lecturer in The Mortimer and Raymond Sackler Institute of Advanced Studies by Prof. Ady Arie  from the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Photos: Rami Tsalka, Tel-Aviv University

Wolfgang Schleich had a very successful and pleasant stay thanks to the great hospitality of all members of the institute. On many occasions he enjoyed intensive discussions of research topics, exchange of innovative ideas and social networking with students and scientists. His series of lectures have attracted a board audience and stimulated many interesting discussions.

Sackler Lecturers are selected for their eminence in their respective fields of research and are requested to give a few lectures during their stay under arrangement with their host faculties. These visitors become Fellows of the Institute during their stay. Their activities at Tel Aviv University and their interaction with members of the academic community will enhance research and international collaboration at the University, as well as enrich the University's ongoing research and general academic atmosphere, stimulating faculty and students towards further achievement in important areas of study. Sackler Lectureships are sponsored by the Mortimer and Raymond Sackler Institute of Advanced Studies.

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