Congratulations to Dr. Tim Langen - recipient of the IQST Postdoctoral Fellowship

IQST Postdoctoral Fellow to start project on Laser Cooling of Dipolar Molecules

Dr. Tim Langen will join the Center for IQST in January 2017 with the host IQST Fellow, Prof. Tilman Pfau.  He has done research at JILA for the past two years in Prof. Jun Ye's group on cooling dipolar molecular gases, with a Feodor Lynen fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.  

We expect the postdoctoral fellowship to aid Dr. Tim Langen in his return to Europe and to support him in starting to apply for grants to begin his own research program on laser cooling dipolar molecules; an emerging topic worldwide and a one-of-a-kind program within the center for IQST.  

We appreciate all of the applications for the IQST postdoctoral fellowship. There were many inquiries from applicants worldwide for the postdoctoral fellowship.  The level of competition for the fellowship was particularly high in this round of applications.  

We anticipate to accept another round of applications for a postdoctoral fellowship next spring; please check 'Open Positions' for more information.